Just dead inside, who nobody needs and loves

Sorry not sorry

I don't need u, if u aren't him

Just don't touch me

Virt name: Hwang Yeji

Virt age: 16y.o.

I'm blink (but i left this fd soon), Neverland, midzy, my, stay, fearnot and once.

Fav fds: midzy and Neverland.

I want to stan nmixx, RV, 2ne1, ive, and ect. 

I can speak in English, Russian and German. 

My besties:

 @Mary_Flower - good friend, @ChessMlava - love 💖, @Ksenia_Volkova - bestie 💖, @Tesler12345 - only male friend,

@Kazyma_Mir - bestie2💖

@Tikhonova_Anna - fun and good girl, @Kseniya-2008 - chess-friend, we always play chess daily.

@shiro1755 - nice friend 


Nices fans kpop: You can be here, write me in message