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Play Against Lasker

IM Igor Khmelnitsky Śr. ranking: 1561 Różne

Dear chess friend, <br /><br /> In this lesson we will continue discussion about the critical positions. Just to refresh your memory, I'd like to re-emphasize the following critical steps of your decision making that are necessary to succeed in chess: <br /><br /> 1. Recognizing the critical position (i.e. your opponent has created a threat or the one when you have an opportunity to create or execute a threat). 2. Spend time and assess such situation properly and come up with quality move-candidates. 3. Come up with the best move applying your general knowledge combined with an accurate calculation. <br /><br /> Experienced players go through this process naturally. For improving player, I recommend to break it down in the steps mentioned above. When you start doing it methodically like this, you will be able to make better decisions and get better results, no matter who you are playing against. Even the world champion can be drawn or even beaten if you maintain your focus and your composure. <br /><br /> In the past, I already showed you examples from the Fischer games. Here I have colleted 25 examples from the games of another chess legend - 2nd World Champion Emanuel Lasker who was World Chess Champion for 27 years. Lasker is generally regarded as one of the strongest players ever. It is said that Lasker often deliberately played inferior moves that he knew would make his opponent uncomfortable. They often failed to recognize these critical positions and make the best moves! Can you do better? <br /><br /> In each of the 26 examples, you will 'partner' with Lasker's opponent and be given an opportunity to examine Lasker's last move, identify Lasker's objectives, come up with your move-candidates and execute the best move (and often a series of moves). This is your chance to 'virtually' compete against one of the best chess players ever. He will put serious pressure on you - create threats and be evasive, attack you and fiercely defend. The positions will range from Middlegame to Endgame, Tactics to Strategy, Easy to Complex... <br /><br /> If you take your time and maintain your focus, you can do well in this task. And if you can do well against Lasker, then you can play well against anyone. Just keep working on improving your calculational skills and increasing your knowledge base.

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