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Bent the Great

GM Dejan Bojkov Śr. ranking: 2088 Różne

Allow me the pleasure to introduce my favorite player in this mentor course. Bent Larsen (1935 - 2010) was one of the best players of the twentieth century and enriched the chess treasury with his many wonderful games. Enjoy the original and beautiful ideas of one of the greatest fighters ever! (And if you're interested in recent analysis of Larsen's famous first move 1.b3, check out our January Bulletin! http://www.chess.com/article/view/the-masters-bulletin-january-2014)

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  • Well Calculated

    Bent Larsen was a tough opponent for his Yugoslavian colleague GM Svetozar Gligoric. Their games rarely finished peacefully and success was most often in the Dane's favor.
  • Flank Attack

    Larsen loved to fianchetto his bishops and to exert pressure on the long diagonals. He often had a chance to use them in direct attacks like in the following example.
  • The Cavalry Comes

    Larsen was a skillful master of creating constant problems and on many occasions his opponents would succumb to the pressure.
  • Expect the Unexpected

    Some of Larsen's original solutions became model examples for generations of chess fans.
  • Powerful Centralization

    The classical concept of centralization was always a theme in Larsen's games. Here is an example of "pure" central strategy.
  • Converting the Advantage

    The Olympiad in Moscow 1956 became memorable for the Danish GM. His team made it to the finals and he had to play against the top guys of the time, including World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik. He drew that game and the overall score 14/18 (!) brought him the individual gold medal on the first board and the GM title.
  • Simple and Beautiful

    In this lesson Larsen teaches us how to make use of our main trumps in a most effective way. The simple moves can be as beautiful as any combination with sacrifices as long as they follow the inner logic of the position.
  • Positional Victory

    Larsen included the following game in his 50 Selected Games book (a must for everyone!) as one of his first examples of a pure positional domination.
  • A Model Attack

    The great Dane had a taste for the attack and produced a lot of masterpieces in this field. His ability to create threats out of the blue made those attacks spectacular.

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