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  • World Champions at their Best (1)

    Śr. ranking: 1596
    World Champions at Their Best (1) - IM Jeremy Silman This module is the first in a series that represent Silman's best work ever and which have the earmarks of becoming classics. This first module will cover the period from the first World Championship match in 1834 between La Bourdonnais and MacDonnell up to the Steinitz era in the 1880's. Compared to the modern eras, there is a dearth of literature and analysis regarding pre-twentieth century championship chess. Silman breaks new ground with...
  • World Champions (2): The Lasker Years

    Śr. ranking: 1758
    World Champions (2)-The Lasker Years, by IM Jeremy Silman. Jeremy continues his historical trek, moving on to the games of the man whose reign as World Champion lasted longer than any other -- an amazing 27 years. Emanuel Lasker was a polymath; in addition to his chess, he was an accomplished mathematician and philosopher who was also a personal friend of Albert Einstein. Lasker believed that chess was a struggle, and was probably the first champion to take a psychological approach to chess....
  • IBM Deep Blue vs. Kasparov

    Śr. ranking: 1679
    Kasparov - IBM Deep Blue Matches, by Aficionado's Staff. These 24 challenges come from the historic 1996 match and 1997 rematch between World Champion Garry Kasparov and IBM's Deep Blue super-computer. These are the same challenges that were uploaded to Aficionado's special website daily as the games were played during the 1997 rematch. These challenges are richly annotated with extensive natural language to allow beginners and novices to follow world class chess with understanding provided by...
  • Play Against Capablanca

    Śr. ranking: 1622
    Dear chess friend, In this course we will continue discussion about the critical positions. Just to refresh your memory, I'd like to re-emphasize the following critical steps of your decision making that are necessary to succeed in chess: 1. Recognizing the critical position (i.e. your opponent has created a threat or the one when you have an opportunity to create or execute a threat). 2. Spend time and assess such situation properly and come up with quality move-candidates. 3. Come...
  • Sensing the Danger - Examples from My Games

    Śr. ranking: 2120
    This course is designed for more advanced players. The positions I've assembled in this course should help strong players learn to identify the critical moments in their own games, and develop a "healthy sense of danger" when facing those moments. It will be a mix of different types of problems, but whether each puzzle is strategic or dynamic in nature, most of the examples will highlight the missed opportunities, often by me.
  • Guess The Move: Dominguez Perez - Carlsen

    Śr. ranking: 1800
    In this course we will be following a game between grandmaster Leinier Dominguez Perez and the number one rated player in the world and reigning world champion, Magnus Carsen. You will be taking Carlsen's side - try to play like him!

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