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  • Sicilian-phobia Part Four - Alapin Variation's miniatury

    Sicilian-phobia Part Four - Alapin Variation

    ogerboy 26 mar 2009, 23:43

    According to the Gameknot database, the Alapin Variation is the third most popular reply to the Sicilian. Many top grandmasters have used sometimes during their chess playing career - giving Alapin a reputation...

  • Sicilian-phobia Part Three - Open Sicilian's miniatury

    Sicilian-phobia Part Three - Open Sicilian

    ogerboy 13 sty 2009, 20:46

    The Open Sicilian is the most popular response to 1...c5, with more than 287897 games played by players rated above 2000 according to Gameknot database. Obviously, white intend to open up the centre with d4, usually...

  • Sicilian-phobia Part Two - Closed Sicilian's miniatury

    Sicilian-phobia Part Two - Closed Sicilian

    ogerboy 8 sty 2009, 14:08

    As the name suggests, players playing white (with the Closed Sicilian) does not intend to open up the centre with d4 in the near future. Instead, they usually play on the king-side first, then decide whether they...

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