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  • Days 1-3 of my Journey to Improve

    I'm off to a rough start.  These past few days I have not really been taking chess too seriously.  I'm still wondering if this will be worth it, but I am not doing this for sport, but for the love of the game, which...

  • Blitz So Full of Errors

    I really struggle with blitz games. It's kind of a matter of who makes the last mistake. Here is my latest game, I won, but I'm troubled by my play.    

  • Tata Steel Chess 2017 Preview by Colin McGourty

    The real start to the chess year is the first round of Tata Steel Chess, and the wait is over to usher in 2017! World Champion Magnus Carlsen and his challenger Sergey Karjakin are both playing the 14-player Masters...

  • Five (5) Ways Stronger Players Insult Weaker Players (Without Making it Obvious)

    1. They don't want to waste time and would rather mingle with players stronger than them or equally strong as them. They will simply refuse to play with weaklings and say excuses such as "I don't feel like playing...

  • 2017 Chess Calendar by Colin McGourty

    2017 is a chess year without a World Championship match or an Olympiad, but it’s set to be packed with events. We have the World Cup, the World and European Team Championships as well as two major competing series....


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