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    Play Live Chess online any time from anywhere in any browser! Nothing to download. Just login, find a game, and go! We store your games, preferences, and ratings. Play 1 minute lightning games on up to 2 hours each - up to you!

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  • Online Chess

    Play At Your Pace with Turn-based Online Chess!

    Chess.com's Online Chess (also called correspondence or turn-based chess) allows you play chess with your friends at any time!

    Make your move and then get an alert when it is your turn.

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    Chess on iPhone - FREE App!

    Take your chess game anywhere with Chess.com for the iPhone! Download this FREE app today from the iTunes store and you can play and learn on the go!

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    Chess on Android - FREE App!

    Take your favorite Chess.com features with you anywhere on your Android device! Download this FREE app from the Android Market, or via this link!

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  • Online Tournaments

    Play in Group Tournaments!

    You don't know how good (or bad!) you are until you have stacked up against other players. Choose to compete in Official Chess.com site-wide tournaments or smaller round-robin tournaments.

    • Play against friends and see how you stack up!
    • Create your own tournament
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  • Play Against the Computer

    Play Against the Computer

    Think you're good? Try beating our chess computer "Little ChessPartner" - he doesn't mess around!

  • Facebook Chess

    Play Chess on Facebook - Top-rate App!

    There are few things more satisfying than beating your Facebook friends at a game of chess! Add our top-rated app today and start putting your friends to shame!

    • Simple, easy interface
    • Invite your friends to a quick game
    • It's FREE!
  • Vote Chess

    Vote with your Team for the Best Move!

    Work with your team to come up with the best move. Discuss moves and ideas, then vote for the move you like best as you play chess against other teams or even Grandmasters. Teamwork usually determines the winning side!

    • Vote on the moves you like best
    • Discuss the best moves with other players
    • It's FREE and easy!
  • Chess960

    Enjoy Chess without memorizing openings!

    Love chess but hate memorized openings? Play Chess960 (also known as Fischer Random)! The rules are the same, but the starting position of the pieces is one of 960 randomly generated possiblities.

    • Enjoy Chess without memorizing openings!
    • Never lose to opening traps again!
    • Play single games or 960 tournaments!
  • USCF Rated Play

    Now play USCF games on Chess.com!

    USCF Members can now play rated games - Quick and Blitz - on Chess.com! Join the official USCF club/group, authenticate your USCF account, and get started today!