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WGM Donaldson-A Elena

Donaldson-A Elena
Photo: James F. Perry/Wikimedia, CC.
Full name
Elena Donaldson-Akhmilovskaya
Mar 11, 1957 - Nov 18, 2012 (age 55)‎
Place of birth
United States


Elena Donaldson-Akhmilovskaya was a Soviet-American woman grandmaster and three-time United States Women's Chess Champion and Olympic gold medalist.

Donaldson-Akhmilovskaya helped the Soviet team win the gold medal in 1978. Later, she won the Women's Candidates Tournament in 1986, but lost the world match against GM Maia Chiburdanidze. In 1988, Donaldson-Akhmilovskaya fled to the United States to marry IM John Donaldson, then captain of the United States team. She went on to win the U.S. Women's Chess Championship in 1990, 1993 (tying for first with WGM Irina Levitina), and 1994.

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