GM Najdorf Miguel

Full name
Najdorf Miguel
Apr 15, 1910 - Jul 4, 1997 (age 87)
Place of birth
Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Kingdom of Poland, Russian Empire

One of the best grandmasters to never play for the world championship, Miguel Najdorf left a legacy that has aided millions of players in their opening knowledge. The foremost leader in the Najdorf Variation of the Sicilian Defense, he was also one of the first players to receive the Grandmaster title and broke the blindfold chess world record twice. Najdorf was able to accomplish all these things despite working in the insurance business and not being a full-time chess professional!

Miguel Najdorf started off his chess career by defeating Glucksberg in a famous game that came to be called “The Polish Immortal”. He represented Poland in four Chess Olympiads before moving to Argentina in 1939. This happened after the start of World War II and Najdorf was in Buenos Aires playing in the 8th Chess Olympiad. He decided to stay in the country because of the turmoil going on back in Poland and by doing this, he was able to avoid the Holocaust. From 1939 to 1947, Najdorf had many successful tournaments and matches which catapulted him into the list of world’s top players. For a stretch of years from 1947-1949 he was the second ranked player in the world. Despite this, Najdorf never had the chance to play for the World Championship. He continued to play chess until the end of his life. Even at the age of 81 he played in a national championship. Najdorf passed away on July 4, 1997.

Best Game

Most Played Openings

White Pieces
Queen's Indian Defense (42) : E14 E12 E17 E15 E19 E18 E16
Reti Opening (27) : A04 A05 A09 A06
Catalan Opening (13) : E01 E05 E09 E02 E00
Pirc Defense (4) : B08 B07
Modern Defense with 1.e4 (2) : B06
Tarrasch Defense (11) : D34 D32 D33
Indian Game (17) : A49 A46 E10 E00
Modern Defense with 1.d4 (5) : A40
Bogo-Indian Defense (7) : E11
Modern Defense (5) : B06 A40 A41 A42
King's Indian Attack (10) : A07 A08
Benko Gambit Declined (2) : A57
Petrov's Defense (1) : C42
Queen's Pawn Opening (6) : A40 E00 D02 D00
Neo-Gruenfeld Defense (14) : D73 D78 D71 D77
Benko Gambit Fully-Accepted (1) : A58
Italian Game (4) : C50 C55
Semi-Slav Defense (37) : D47 D48 D46 D45 D49 D43
Old Benoni Defense (2) : A43
Old Indian Defense (6) : A54 A53
Ruy Lopez Opening (4) : C90 C76 C78 C92
Caro-Kann Defense (3) : B10 B18 B15
Giuoco Piano Game (8) : C50 C53
Colle System (9) : D04 D05
Four Knights Game (1) : C48
Semi-Slav Defense Accepted (1) : D44
Budapest Defense (1) : A51
Black Pieces
Queen's Indian Defense (41) : E15 E16 E12 E18 E19 E17 E14
Bird's Opening (4) : A02 A03
Torre Attack (7) : A46 A48
Catalan Opening (8) : E01 E05 E07
Reti Opening (15) : A04 A05 A06
Philidor Defense (14) : C41
Bogo-Indian Defense (2) : E11
Old Indian Defense (6) : A54 A53
Vienna Game (3) : C26 C27
Queen's Gambit Accepted (9) : D28 D25 D22 D23 D27
Bishop's Opening (1) : C28
London System (6) : A48
King's Indian Attack (3) : A07
Petrov's Defense (1) : C42
French Defense (3) : C10 C16 C02
Queen's Pawn Opening (2) : D00 D03
Hungarian Opening (2) : A00
Neo-Gruenfeld Defense (18) : D78 D71 D73 D79
Van Geet Opening (1) : A00
Tarrasch Defense (2) : D32
Pirc Defense (4) : B09 B07 B08
Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack (1) : A01
Modern Defense (1) : A42
King's Gambit Accepted (1) : C35
Mieses Opening (2) : A00
Polish Opening (1) : A00
Scotch Game (1) : C44
Semi-Slav Defense (15) : D43 D46 D45 D47
Trompowsky Attack (1) : A45
Dutch Defense (2) : A92 A85
Caro-Kann Defense (1) : B15
Richter-Veresov Attack (1) : D01