Greenville, SC

22 de jan. de 2009
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@Joesap1128 I messaged you with details about the meeting every week. Hope you decide to join us, Gene has the most information about joining USCF, but if you plan on playing regularly with us at Greenville Chess you can find the joining info here (
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Hey All! We should try to get a group of games going together IRL. Thoughts?
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Hey all. Just joined this club. I also just started following the Facebook group. I’ve been in Greenville about a year. I look forward to connecting with everyone.
Jan 16, 2023
Lot of new folks the last month... welcome. See the note below from TotumSimul with a link to the Facebook page for the local Greenville Chess Club. They continue to meet Thursday night's and are very welcoming to newcomers ( I am from out of town and had a great time visiting them a couple weeks ago).
Jan 16, 2023
Hello all. New to chess. Hoping to get involved