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11 de jun. de 2020
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I’m back
Oct 1, 2022
Anybody else excited for the sun and the star book
agreed to your opinion, The book is better,there aren't some scenes in the movie
Do you guys like the movie or the book better (personally i like the book much better than the movie, i feel like the movie got a lotta things wrong)
KIDS Club?

KIDS Club?

Percy-Jackson4all | 29 de jun. de 2021
So... The famous KIDS Club has finally come out!  Here are SOME of the qualifications: You must be 14 or under You must be older than 8 You must have a rapid rating of above 600 You must be active at least weekly You must be kind If you succeed, contact me
Weekly Quiz

Weekly Quiz

The_Efficient_Way | 1 de mai. de 2021
This is technically a monthly quiz now(thank you very much Jimmy). Here's the question. Do brain cells(neurons) grow? Give a detailed explanation without Google.
Weekly Quiz!

Weekly Quiz!

Percy-Jackson4all | 11 de fev. de 2021
Weekly quiz: What is the longest one syllable word that you can think of without searching it up anywhere?  Answers revealed at next week's weekly quiz!


champ0910 | 25 de dez. de 2020
Post any riddles here Q: What gets bigger the more you take away from it? Q: What do you need to break to use it? Q: What comes down but never goes up?
Class Argument

Class Argument

Percy-Jackson4all | 15 de dez. de 2020
I have been studying animals in science class these days, and my teachers say that animals are actually very smart, but I kind of agree but kind of don't agree. True, animals are pretty special and they can do some things humans can't do, but in my opinion, I wouldn't say that they are exactly smart. I think that the only reason people say they're smart is because before, everyone thought they were dumb, but once they started noticing that animals could just do the smallest things, people st...
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Percy-Jackson4all | 14 de out. de 2020
For this Halloween . . .this club is turning into a free robux club! Just click on this link and we can start earning free robux together! Of course, you don't need to join the club, just . . .you know.
Let's Get Active!

Let's Get Active!

solarlight2000 | 24 de set. de 2020
Hey guys! This club is getting inactive-lets change that! Pls help us become active again! Thx-solarlight2000
vote which opening is our club favorite! (chess openings)

vote which opening is our club favorite! (chess opening...

Percy-Jackson4all | 30 de jul. de 2020
hi again! for those of you who have time for this, please vote! first, say your favorite opening, then, i will count them all up and i will report which opening won!
tell me if you want a tournament, vote chess, or club match!

tell me if you want a tournament, vote chess, or club m...

Percy-Jackson4all | 24 de jun. de 2020
please tell me if you want a---you know what? thats funny it's in the title!!!