Hello people welcome to my bio

My best friends who closed their accounts:



Hope they join chess.com soon!

A few things about me:

  1. I love reading books..
  2. I love the song as it was
  3. I am not a nerd
  4. I own 2 clubs
  5. My current favourite songs are from Dove Cameron And from Niall horan 

6.I am a potterhead 

A section with my best friends:

@hiral_patel - A very calm, kind and great friend

@Pink_Attacker - Very helpful and kind

@AlexAthletico_YT  - You are welcome

@The_Chessmate214 - best friends irl 

@ododkdm - best friends irl

@Dima48 - A very good and kind friend who also owns the club Shining Smiles.

@Colteyblack - my coach and guide on chess.com

Clubs i own are the black knight empire and nexus community 

Some people worth mentioning:

@Cocoquail  - join her club pls they lost too many members let’s help them by joining Snail Squad

@Colteyblack - thank you for coaching I have gotten better in chess due to you!

Thank you people for reading this bio. Things will be add in this bio soon and thank you everyone for the 1000+ views and 300+ followers. Have a great day ahead!