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CHESS IS MY LIFE and Vera is my Love Magnus Chess Corner is our club
How beautiful you are Vera: My God,
how beautiful you are Vera,
what a pleasure to see you in the photo Vera
Although the eye is easy to saturate,
it does not stick with it
Believe me, you my beloved Vera,
hear me out on what I want to say to you Vera
Or you, by the way ... wait a minute,
words become easily wasted.
I'd rather wait a bit,
until the mind has calmed down
Is getting too easy a little agitated,
by seeing this picture of you Vera.
In a while the senses have quieted,
only then can i get it
To say it in a way, as I mean and want,
love you my Vera (@Dragon_Fangs)


It can happen soon:

Chess is all about having fun. It's a great feeling to pin an enemy queen, or launch a devastating attack on a castled king. Great games bring a feeling that draws us again and again to this amazing game. Another part of chess; however, is the inevitable situation called losing. It happens to all of us. Some, like me, see this situation more than others, but none are immune to this happenstance.

Sometimes it feels like you are bogged down in a pit of losses, with your tattered rating falling along with you. But there is always hope, even in the darkest times. Hope is what gives your last pawn the surge for freedom, and groups your last few pieces for a desperate final attack. Because sometimes, there will come an amazing victory against all odds, if you only have the courage to try.

It happened to me before happy.png

"You may learn much more from a game you lose than from a game you win. You will have to lose thousands of games before becoming a good player."  Magnus Carlsen

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Everyone with a high rating is invited!

The Grand Hotel Magnus club is property of @GM_Magnus_Kingdom (Chess Master, Top Gifter, Philanthropist, Clubland Boss and Nice Guy). This establishment is unashamedly exclusive preserve for the purpose of friendship and leisure. Membership is a true honor and available by invitation only. Please do not apply to join as rejection can offend. Security is tight and chess boards are banned.

Enjoy the experience!

We are proud to be one of the only clubs on that has occasional Gifted free premium membership giveaways !

This is a club With VIP members only - specially invited members - Membership is a true honour and available by invitation only.

This Top player club - "The Grand Hotel Magnus" -  only have Top players in the stable / Team, and do not accept anyone, we hand pick our carefully selected Team and build our club stone by stone.


we are a small club with great ambition

You are welcome to join The Grand Hotel Magnus club, we are an active club. Our goal is and will become's most powerful and exemplary club, constantly increased and reinforced by selected and fair players. We carefully selected all our members and we focus more on quality, not quantity. We are hold spammers out of this club, so relax and make yourself at home!

For 1 time siden
Happy Birthday @GM_Magnus_Kingdom, I am pleased to inform you that your brand new Luxury Grand Hotel is complete and awaits your management. Built to the latest high tech specifications in a prime location with custom features as requested, it’s highly sought after location provides stunning views and facilities for all close confidants and friends, please accept the keys with my blessing: See you there!

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