I am a beautiful bisexual. I love to watch anime!! My top fave anime are Hunter X Hunter and Horimora. I have a very mixed aesthetic, I'm just weird like that.😜I'm either dark and emo🖤⛓️🕷️ or I'm cute and bubbly. I love to watch romance, action, horror, or drama tv shows and movies.  I love to drink boba but my family hates the little ball things. I would love to except all friend requests. I may take a minute to except but i still except them all.  I love all of you guys. Plz dont be afraid to message me.

I have many anime waifus and husbands. My top waifu is definitaly Momo from My hero acedamia and my top husband is definitally kyoya ootori from ouron highschool hostclub. My fave food is prob spicy chili and i mean melt your face off chili.I have a really high tollerance to spicy food. I love all my friends but my fave are @nc-anistemi (He is my fave dont tell the others😉)  @Reddevil_007 (My adorable devilish boi😈) @Museum0725 (A good friend) @Anime-weeb-wolve-fan (such a sweetheart) @Master_Aar0n (My freindly artist) I love you guys the most. My fave singers include CORPSE, Melanie Martinez, Panic at the disco, and Nightcore.