Now you may ask, why is everything gone on my profile?

Ez - I updated it!



MinecraftPro132 here, although I don't play Minecraft lol (Used to though)


Big fan of BTS!!!

Chinese, 13 yrs old (Jun 4 2009), Lives in...

(Why do I have to tell you?)


Basically, just friend me PLS, this is not Roblox which only allows you to have 200 friends so PLS feel free to friend me


I am TRYING HARD to be active, but due to study I cannot be on that often

(Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, life's hard) - (jk)


Best friends?

Not mentioning, because everyone's equal, right?

(Not necessary 'equal', but we are all human so we should respect evenly)


If you hate the new update, sorry bro happy.png