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Hi! My name is Miodrag Savic, I am a 42 years old Grand Master from Eastern Europe. I am passionate about chess; I play since I am very young, and I have won many championships internationally. I achieved the rank of Grand Master at age 23 and have developed a deep understanding of the game throughout the years, which is why I am a certified coach. 

My coaching approach is based upon the following steps: 

  • Assessing your skills 
  • Finding areas to improve 
  • Answer any questions that you may have 
  • Creating a tailored coaching plan according to your needs 


If you are willing to apply yourself and work hard to improve your game, contact me by email at My coaching is oriented towards all types of players, from beginners to those aspiring to reach FM, IM or GM. Email me and let's start working together!

-Miodrag Savic 


Additional information: 

  • Fide blitz elo: 2581 
  • Fide rapid elo: 2489 
  • Fide elo: 2453.  
  • Best elo achieved: 2545