i have discord, snapchat, instagram, and tiktok! once we're friends, i'll add u!

main account @enhakaitlyn

my name is kaitlyn! if you want, you can call me kait, bait, lyn, kai, k, katie, kt, lynnie

my pronouns are she/her/hers and my gender is a girl! if your curious, my sexuality is bisexual!

my birthday is december 15 and i'm a sagittarius! my mbti personality is enfj-t and i'm a gryffindor!

my nationality is american and my ethnicity is chinese!

i'm going to reveal my age and grade when we are good friends.

if ur curious on what type of friend i am, i'm the mom and therapist friend! i understand things well and i don't mind venting.

additional info: i love kpop! and i stan most groups since 2016! my ults are enha, txt, svt, and tbz <3

hobbies: watching tiktok, watching youtube, texting friends, playing roblox, valorant, and minecraft, listening to music, finding themes on pinterest, sometimes eating snacks, laying on bed, always questioning myself and life and my future and what i'm doing with myself

interests: vlogging, journaling, dancing, singing, shopping, outfits, taking pictures, kpop

likes: music, jazz, reading, writing, journaling, fashion, gaming, exploring, animals, talking to people, art, singing, dancing, having things to do, family, kpop, getting gifts, cooking, playing piano, listening to music, watching movies and shows, being entertained, falling in love, shopping, gaming, vlogging, making people laugh and smile

dislikes: fighting, arguing, hating, worrying, crying, being bored, betrayal, cursing, racism, homophobia, death, nightmares, overthinking, insects, spiders, snakes, murder, being forced and pressured, pain, going to the dentist, acne, being too bright outside, heat, being embarrassed, being forgotten

i think my aesthetic is minimalist! it's gorgeous and i love it <3