12 de abr. de 2009
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Winning with the Grunfeld, Andorjan, J Dory.
❏ How to play against E4. N Mcdonald
❏ Starting Out: Slav and semi Slav, G Flear.
❏ Openings for the club player, T Harding, L Barden.
❏ Play the French, J Watson.
❏ The Semi Slav, L Schandorff
❏ How to play against 1 D4, R Palliser.
❏ The Complete Vienna, M Tseitlin, I Glazkov.
❏ Guide to the Benko Gambit, S Pedersen.
❏ Classical Dutch, J Pinski.
❏ Crushing White: The Dzindzi Indian, R Henley.
❏ Starting out: The Scandinavian, J Houska.
❏ The Chebanenko Slav, V Bologan.
❏ The Chess Opening for you, L Evans.
❏ The Kings Indian Attack move by move, N McDonald.
❏ Starting out: The Caro-Kann, J Gallagher.
❏ A Simple Chess Opening Repertoire for White, S Collins.
❏ Dutch Defense, L Christiansen, J Silman.
❏ Winning with the Slav, Y Markov, B Schipkov.
❏ The Kings Indian for the Attacking Player, G Burgess.
❏ Black is still OK, A Adorjan.
❏ The Caro-Kann Defense, J Speelman.
❏ An Active Repertoire for Black, D Marovic.
❏ Play the Open Games as Black, J Emms
❏ How to Play Good Opening moves as Black, E Mednis.
❏ The Dutch Leningrad, N McDonald.
❏ How to beat 1D4, J Rizzitano.

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