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Intermediate: Endgame

IM Danny Rensch Rating Médio: 980 Intermédio

This course covers the next level of "must know stuff" in the endgame. We move quickly from basic checkmates and fundamental concepts onto much more tricky and important endgame positions.

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  • The Rook Roller

    Two Rooks form a mighty team against a lone King. This lesson shows a technique of checkmate where the Rooks limit the enemy King row by row and finally checkmate him on the side of the board.
  • King and Pawn Ending Basics

    Here we provide a very basic example of how to win a King and Pawn vs King ending, and introduce the concept of "Zugzwang" at the same time.
  • King on the 6th, Pawn on the 5th

    The most important thing to know about any King and Pawn ending is that "King on the 6th, Pawn on the 5th - always wins the game". Remember that phrase! It's very rare to have a position that actually wins regardless of whose turn it is to move! We are going to see the entire process of winning a King and Pawn ending in the next lesson, but for now, let's learn why this position needs to be our goal, and NOT "PAWN on the 6th, KING on the 5th". You will learn in the next lesson that the reverse (ie,...
  • King and Pawn Endgame Technique

    Now that we know our goal is to reach King on the 6th, Pawn on the 5th - let's learn how we can reach that position by force!
  • Drawing a King and Pawn Endgame

    Before we move onto more practical and complicated endgame examples, our last King and Pawn endgame will display for you clearly what happens if White (or the side with the pawn) loses the opposition...
  • Valuable Pawns #1 - Outside Passed

    This is another mostly "click through" lesson designed to show you how to use an Outside Passed Pawn to distract/decoy the defending King away from the defence of his nest.
  • Valuable Pawns #2 - Protected Passed

    Right alongside the Outside Passed Pawn, a Protected Passed Pawn is about as big of an advantage that you can have in a simple endgame outside of a material advantage. Let's observe...
  • Valuable Pawns #3 - Connected Passed Pawns!

    Our third, and perhaps most advanced, lesson regarding what the most valuable pawn advantages are that you can achieve in the endgame, is on the subject of Connected Passed Pawns, or "Connected Passers". Let's take a look!
  • King and Rook Checkmate in 3

    Beyond the basic mates of King and Queen vs King and the Rook Roller from Lesson 1 of this course, the King and Rook checkmate is the last "basic mate" you must know before playing in tournament chess! Before we move onto our final lesson where we will witness the King and Rook vs King checkmate from start to finish, we take a look at our "goal position" for that checkmate. You will recognize this position as the "climax" of your final lesson!
  • Complete King and Rook Checkmate

    The full technique requires both the King and Rook to work together in a timely manner, so it's not so easy if you don't understand the complete pattern. You've already seen a position that shows the "goal position" of a basic mate in 3 from the previous lesson, but this position will display the winning technique in its entirety. The King and Rook mate is also the only basic checkmate pattern that requires the help of "Zugzwang" in order to win. You will see many positions that, if the Black King...

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