Membro Diamante

https://www.chess.com/clubs/452353/members/invite  <-- will be hosting more tournaments these days happy.png

I'm a happy bobasaurus. grin.png Trying to pursue a title (key word: "trying").  Pursue title or sulk/laugh at myself while trying. I went from 800 to 1500 pretty quickly in rapid. I have my mentor to thank for. happy.png  Feel free to reach out for private lessons at a reasonable price:

If you are going to upgrade your chess.com account, please click the link below. Thanks for your support! happy.png Feel free to puzzle battle me! 

Ask my age and you will not get an answer. happy.png  Who goes up to a stranger and say,"oh hello.. how old are you"?  LOl  So yeah, to many of you guys who don't know me, the conversation is over the moment you ask my age or anything too personal.  Have a nice day!