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GM Hikaru

Hikaru Nakamura

Sunrise, Florida, United States

Трофеи (1953)

Welcome to Chess.com! 4

Welcome to Chess.com!

Great Student 49

Great Student

Enjoy a Taco 175

Enjoy a Taco

Super Person 228

Super Person

Have Some Pizza 25

Have Some Pizza

You're Cool 429

You're Cool

Cricket Appreciation 2

Cricket Appreciation

Welcome to Chess.com 12

Welcome to Chess.com

On the Way Up 7

On the Way Up

Happy New Year! 12

Happy New Year!

Have Some Tofu! 19

Have Some Tofu!

Valentines 8


Heart of a Lion 30

Heart of a Lion

Thank You! 5

Thank You!

Thank You Note 24

Thank You Note

A Special Gift 84

A Special Gift

Lets Battle 57

Lets Battle

Karaoke Time 2

Karaoke Time

Tea Time 3

Tea Time

When Chuck Norris... 26

When Chuck Norris...

You're OK With Me 89

You're OK With Me

Chess Artistry 39

Chess Artistry

Don't Be Too Critical 21

Don't Be Too Critical

Brr, It's Cold 8

Brr, It's Cold

Morning Bacon 7

Morning Bacon

Flying Kite 2

Flying Kite

Mental Exercise 8

Mental Exercise

Great Job! 40

Great Job!

Hockey Appreciation 4

Hockey Appreciation

Have Some Breakfast 41

Have Some Breakfast

Congratulations! 17


Wow! 34


Overworked 7


Hi there ! 8

Hi there !

Let's Make Peace 49

Let's Make Peace

Refreshing Lemonade 8

Refreshing Lemonade

Safe Trip 17

Safe Trip

Chess Duel 38

Chess Duel

Movie Snacks 7

Movie Snacks

You've Got Mail 6

You've Got Mail

Snack Time 11

Snack Time

Let's Be Friends 51

Let's Be Friends

Medieval Challenge 5

Medieval Challenge

Rest and Relaxation 2

Rest and Relaxation

Happy Birthday 25

Happy Birthday

Awesome Avatar 8

Awesome Avatar

You Are Funny! 6

You Are Funny!

Merry Christmas! 11

Merry Christmas!

Happy Hanukkah 3

Happy Hanukkah

Cagey Feeling

Cagey Feeling

Happy Anniversary! 4

Happy Anniversary!

Coffee Refreshment 8

Coffee Refreshment

Ice cream cone! 3

Ice cream cone!

Laptop Computer

Laptop Computer

Soccer Appreciation 6

Soccer Appreciation

Have a Hamburger 7

Have a Hamburger

Happy Easter 3

Happy Easter

Computer Absorbed 3

Computer Absorbed

Ice Cream Sandwich 5

Ice Cream Sandwich

Staying Healthy 5

Staying Healthy

Fresh Cookies 6

Fresh Cookies

Let's Dance 7

Let's Dance

1st Place 10

1st Place

Speedy Motorcycle 5

Speedy Motorcycle

Pizza Order 6

Pizza Order

Great Show!

Great Show!

Party Time 4

Party Time

Extended Vacation

Extended Vacation

Needing Sleep

Needing Sleep

3rd Place 5

3rd Place

Dance Moves 3

Dance Moves

Get Well 2

Get Well

Bowling Appreciation 3

Bowling Appreciation

Excellent Article/Blog 5

Excellent Article/Blog

Have a great New Year! 3

Have a great New Year!

2nd Place

2nd Place

Watch Your Time 3

Watch Your Time

Movie Time

Movie Time

Musical Relaxation

Musical Relaxation

Coffee Overload

Coffee Overload

Weight of the World 3

Weight of the World

In Need of Vacation 2

In Need of Vacation

I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

Call Me

Call Me

Vote Chess Team Work 3

Vote Chess Team Work

Work Blow Up 2

Work Blow Up

Computer Abuse

Computer Abuse



Baseball Appreciation 3

Baseball Appreciation

Holler 3


4th of July 3

4th of July

Vacation Time 4

Vacation Time

Wedding Wishes

Wedding Wishes

Basketball Appreciation

Basketball Appreciation

Football Appreciation

Football Appreciation

Golf Appreciation

Golf Appreciation

Tennis Appreciation 3

Tennis Appreciation

Welcome to our Group! 2

Welcome to our Group!

Working Hard 10

Working Hard

Let's Celebrate 2

Let's Celebrate

Heavy Workload 3

Heavy Workload

Vacationing 2


Welcome Back

Welcome Back

Chess Book Worm 2

Chess Book Worm

I'm Sorry

I'm Sorry

2nd Place

2nd Place

Broken Hearted

Broken Hearted

Computer Addict 2

Computer Addict

Cool Theme 2

Cool Theme

Pool Shark

Pool Shark

Stressing Out

Stressing Out

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