Livingston County Chess Club

Brighton, Michigan
27 мар. 2013 г.
22 (#1468)
2 часа назад
Join the club. Sign up for our daily matches as soon as they appear. WElcome aboard.
3 часа назад
Hi, I’m new to chess so what do I need to do to be apart of the clan.
26 дней назад
If you are ranked between 900 and 1250 consider the "Detroit Breakdown #51" tournament at:
Jun 26, 2021
We will be raising our challenge rating to 2200. We have 2 players in that 2000 - 2200 area and 2 1900s. We need the rest of the LCCC on to do their part and fill in. As I said, 7 players are doing the heavy lifting. 4 players are helping. That leaves 27 players that need to pick it up. Our Club is in the top 1.6% of the Clubs on It is an honor to be here. We don't care if you win or lose. Just register for the matches, play when needed, and don't time out or cheat.Thats it
Jun 26, 2021
Everyone - just a reminder - you have to earn a spot in this club! You do that by registering to play in our Daily Matches vs other clubs. If you get pushed out because higher rated players jumped in, you still get credit for signing up! In the meantime, you can play in other daily games to stay in practice and get your rating up. Right now we have 38 members. 15 signed up per match minimum should be attainable. We have 18 matches going or starting. Only 7 members are in more than 9 of them.
LCCC is a Daily Match Club on

LCCC is a Daily Match Club on

Tom_Doniphan | 8 мар. 2021 г.
We are a brick and mortar club in Livingston County Michigan, USA. Our last location was shut down due to the COVID issue. We are looking for a new location. What we are on Chess .com is a Daily Chess Club. Our match challenges are 3-day, and usually 2 games against the same opponent. We accept all players who love chess and especially Daily chess on Chess. com. Join us!
LCCC is a Daily Match Club on

LCCC is a Daily Match Club on

Tom_Doniphan | 23 февр. 2021 г.
If you are not at least registering for our Daily Matches against other clubs, you may be removed as a club member - at least on We are looking for players! Daily 3 - day players.
FYI - TomD is trying hard to get new matches started. Hang in there!

FYI - TomD is trying hard to get new matches started. H...

Tom_Doniphan | 25 нояб. 2020 г.
I have 4 challenges outstanding and will be contacting the ADMINS to find out why no yeah or nay response. 
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