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chess rogues
defining your own style of play. Traps,gambits and swindles are our stock in the greatest game invented.
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HypnoSwirl's Ladies
Hi, welcome to my group of all my awesome ladies 😊
Funny Lika's Club
This is my club (Adah Charm, Indian girl,student and chess trainer) and my Russian friend on the site,Angelica.We created this club together and de...
Tri-Bridges Chess Club
In the real world, this club is in Exton, PA.  However, we encourage players from all over to come and play chess with us.  We do a beginner (under...
RIMTAS klubas vaikams
Open Internet chess club, playing rapid and blitz chess tournaments  Atviras internetinis šachmatų klubas RIMTIEMS Lietuvos žaidėjams. Skirtas žai...
Pin Oak Chess Club
Welcome to the Pin Oak Chess Club! We will hold live matches and live tournaments for the students of Pin Oak. To join, please send a request telli...
Chess Champions ツ
Welcome to Chess Champions ツ ! Welcome to the Chess Championsツ club. This club will play many vote chess and team matches with the different clubs...
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Roblox guys
Hello everyone joining Please note this is a private chess club so I will have to accept your request Also if u are raffa8 please join. The club h...
Prisijunkite kiekvieną ketvirtadieni 19:30 valanda ir zaiskite 3+2 visados treciadieniais paskelbsiu nuoroda
Somerset Wyvern
Very active since our formation in Nov '16, we now have 81 members currently playing 25 team matches. We have won promotion in both our first two y...
Al Khor International School Chess Club
This club is for students who attend Al Khor International School and have an interested in playing chess.  Joining this club will allow students ...
The Royal Kings
Hello! We are the Royal Kings, an active chess club with many activities such as vote chess and daily matches. Anyone can join! Are you looking ...
Reddit.com Chess Club
Want to improve yourself? Get real competitive practice by playing lots of Vote Chess and matches here! Simply join this group, then register in ou...
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Mechanics' Chess Club - USCF Online Rated
This is the club for all players who would like to participate in Mechanics' Institute Chess Club's USCF online rated tournaments.Players must subm...
Islas Malvinas
Tenemos el agrado de invitarlos a nuestro grupo .Es un grupo para jugadores serios de Chess.com que tienen interés en ajedrez profesional . También...
Harfang des neiges
Le harfang des neiges est l'emblème de La Belle Province, le Québec. Sa devise est: Je me souviens. Ce club est ouvert à tous ceux qui connaissent...
Campionato Italiano
Tutto quello che c'è da sapere sul Campionato Italiano a Squadre.
Team Guigee
Bonjour, Bienvenue dans le club de GuigeeTV. Streamer sur Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/guigeetv
LCJ Saint-Avold
Bienvenue à tous, sur le serveur du club échecs du Lycée Charles Jully de Saint-Avold. Ce serveur est dédié uniquement au membre adhéré à la fédér...
The Spiderman Club
This club is for people who like Spiderman and other superheroes. We invite all of you to join our club. We play Team Matches, Live Matches and Vot...
Classical Monday
Classical Monday
Music Lovers Everywhere
You like music? So do we!! Wanna join a club where all music is celebrated? Then join us!!  MINIMUM ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: 3 MONTHS ON THE SITE