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Hi everyone! I am a 10 year old chess player from Atlanta, Georgia. My favorite things to do/follow are Chess, Running, Football,and Politics. I started doing chess in Spring of 2017 when I joined my school’s chess club. I used to dislike chess but when I gradually started to get better, I started to enjoy chess more and more tongue.png. Last year I went to the Georgia MLK Chess Tournament and got 4/5! That was sadly my last tournament because Covid happened and we had to go through lockdown and all that stuff. In my free time I LOVE to read, do math, and watch TV. I am currently reading the Theodore Boone Series and I’ve also just started reading another series, Hatchet. My favorite TV Shows and Franchises are Marvel, Star Wars, , and Psych. On math, I’m doing Pre-Algebra and Advanced Decimals.

I also LOVE animals! I have 3 cats and a turtle and I would love a dog but my dad doesn’t want one sad.png. Here is a pic of my cats:

The 2 small cats are named Oreo and Buttercup. Oreo is the white and black one and the other one next to him is Buttercup. The fluffy one down below is named Bella. The kittens are 10 months old so they aren’t really kittens any more. Bella is 7 years old and is also my favorite because she’s is a quite obedient cat who sleeps with me every night happy.png.

My chess.com  goals for 2021 are:

1800 Rapid

1600 Blitz

1500 Bullet

2400 Puzzles

40+ Puzzle rush 



One last  thing, is that please click this pic down below k?

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