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I started playing chess when I was 6 played my first scholastic tournament when I was 8 and played my first USCF tournament when I was 9. 

When I started chess I was very weak not knowing much chess but as I played more I became more advanced and am now one of the top players in northwest rating for my grade.

list of titled players i have beaten 

[FM] @Roland_inho in 3 min bughouse

[NM] @KrazyPawns in 3/2 blitz

[IM] @ecwinslow in 3/2 blitz

[CM] @warmoatmeal in 5/3 blitz

[IM] @ZatonskihAnna in 5/3 blitz
[WCM] @Hashtagchesstwitch in 3/2 blitz [note that this was a streaming account the account of the player is @rebooks which is why i put WCM] 

[WCM] @canary2016 in 3/2 blitz

[IM] @attilaturzo in 3 min blitz

[FM] @sembrandoajedrez in 3/0 blitz [ note he bezerked because this was an arena so he has 1:30 minutes on his clock and i had 3 minutes on my clock] [another note i beat this player on lichess]

[GM] @aspire in 3/2 fog of war [unavailable game link]

[CM] @nwchess2016 in 5 min blitz

[WFM] @Mildalaub in 1/0 bullet

[NM] @IroniaSudby in puzzle battle

[NM] @allvim in puzzle battle 

[FM] @sshivaji in 2/1 bullet 

[CM] @ruilopezgotdeported in 3/0 blitz [note that i beat this player on lichess so that might not be his username]

[CM] @bwert2602 in PB

[WCM] @canary2016 in 10 min rapid/blitz [whatever you want to call it] 

[NM] @tedbelanoff in 10 min rapid/blitz [whatever you want to call it] 

[FM] @hungrycaterpillar4 in 3 min 3 check [note that this was THE HIGHEST RATED PLAYER I BEAT rated 2616 when the game started to my 1556]

[NM] @mackus in 2/1 bullet

[FM] @lopem in 3/0 blitz Chess: lopem vs angryspacevoid - 5813165288 - [i know link looks weird but it works]

[FM] @danmem in 5/5 blitz Chess: danmem vs angryspacevoid - 5830027443 -

[FM] @danmem in 5/5 blitz Chess: angryspacevoid vs danmem - 5830075196 - [i know it seems like a repeat of the same person but i beat them twice]

[FM] @TigranMukhutdinov in 1/1 bullet Live Chess - [this was a very big upset as i was 1800 and he was 2500]

titled players i drew

[GM] @cruel_yaro in 15/10 rapid [note that the games were just training games and the second one i was losing but the first one seems like a drawish position]

[NM] @chmaster15 in 10+3 rapid [like @cruelyaro this was a training game however it was in an equal endgame that was slightly better for him and this was a simul as well]

[NM] @Dale in 3 min blitz  [and this is a real draw]

 [FM] @sshivaji in 2/1 bullet 

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