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Welcome to the official page of the California Unicorns, a professional chess team in the PCL. We are the descendants of the SF Mechanics team in the USCL and PCL. We are dedicated to:

  • Thinking about our goals and sharing them here later.
  • Contributing to the SF Bay Area chess community
  • Establishing a professional chess organization that will last

You can follow our content at:

  • Our blog - weekly articles about our team and games
  • Our two streams - weekly live matches with commentary
  • Our twitter - updates, news, and links

Our roster for the 2020 Season is:

GM Aleksei Sarana

GM Dariusz Swiercz

GM Grigoriy Oparin

GM Anton Smirnov

Other staff:

Manager: IM David Pruess

Staff Writer: NM Dana Mackenzie

             Schedule               Results            Support us!            Contact us

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