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I am a Programme Manager working for an IT company. Married with 2 kids I spend most of my time as a taxi service for them (although my wife claims she does more taxi runs than me!). I love cooking although I never get much time to do so. I have also recently taken up gardening and just bought my first greenhouse (my friends say its a sign that I am getting old !).

I love sci-fi and fantasy fiction books, and my favourite author is David Gemmell (after the god that is Tolken!).

I support Tottenham Hotspur Football club (or Soccer Club for you Amercians!)

I am rubbish at chess but am improving all the time. I play for fun, so feel free to challenge me no matter if you are rated 100 or 3000 !

When playing a game of chess with me, feel free to chat...I dont bite !

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