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Don’t lose hope. When the SUN goes down, the STARS come up.


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This blog is about one of the best players in India which Is Gm Abhijeet Gupta.

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I have created a new blog on how to Improve our Positional play this would help you to understand the importance of positional decisions and help taking your chess at next level.

Improve your Positional Play


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Meri kamzori jaankar itna gurror mat karu kyonki tumhe meri taaqat ka andaza nahi hai~!!

T̂ĥân̂k̂ ̂ŷôû ̂Ĉôr̂ôn̂â ̂Ŵâr̂r̂îôr̂ŝ






don't fake it untill you make it ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ ⍟ ⅏


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 You Will not get better Tomorrow,if you are thinking about the yesterday..


Viewers can gift of chess this Holiday it will be really appreciated. : )

Thank you for the pain it made me upgrade my game.

B♥h♥a♥r♥a♥t♥ M♥a♥a♥

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