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Hi, I am Zachary Teddy Ponalete (Pawnalete) Wang, and my passion is playing chess and becoming a GM someday. I am 9 years old and here are my goals:

Blitz: Currently 1450. Goal: 1500. 

Rapid: Currently 1430. Goal: 1500

Bullet: Currently 1455. Goal: 1500

Variants: Currently in a mix. Goal: 1300+

Expert in 1-3 years

CM in 3-5 years

FM in 5-8 years

IM in 8-10 years

GM in 10-15 years

Here are my records: 

Beat people in the 1500's

Drew against 1500's

Here are my favorite openings: 

White: Scotch Game, Italian Game

Black: Sicilian Dragon, Modern Defense

Favorite: Budapest Defense, Tennison Gambit

Here are my favorite chess players: 

Alexander Grischuk (All-time favorite)

Magnus Carlsen

Garry Kasparov

Anatoly Karpov

Alexander Alekhine

Haik Martirosyan

Nodirbek Abdusatturov

Please make sure that all your challenges to me are unrated, or else I will decline.

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