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                                      WELCOME TO DISBOV'S PROFILE

 before I have a picture of sweet sparkly golden honey and now it's Cool Man, also do you like my picture, But do not win me or I am going to be angry, sometimes, and I am going to be happy when I win, never mind, if like, don't like but I am very good my at puzzles my highest rating is 1878 (HAHAHA), you'll also want to play with me if you win me I am going to be grumpy  and sometimes normal so take a force to win me.

Take a force to win                                                          Take a force to win

Remember you don't need air for your force LOL, this is for who has rating 800- 600
But remember the picture of sweet sparkly golden honey (yum yum yum!).

A jar of sweet sparkly golden honey A jar of sweet sparkly golden honey

                 That looks yummy isn't it? that is great, just imagine when you eat it.



But again never mind you still have to solve trickiest puzzle ever here it is who will solved get 1000 trophies.                                 (black to move)

Ready to beat the puzzle and this is the easiest puzzle ever who will solve get 0 trophies. 

                                                                (white to move)

 here is the greatest riddle in the world.
One boy went fishing and he caught a frog, what did he say?
The answer is: LOL
Here is the link to help you

                                                                      to go out
                                        Bye Bye member hope you enjoyed my profile     


                                         Please join my club you will just be amazed   Please read my blog it is called Fried Liver attack Tadatada you can learn everything in my blog (but puzzles aren't working) can you figure out this puzzle?




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