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I drove M-48 and M-60 tanks for the U.S. Army during the Viet Nam War era. Later I was a highschool history teacher and real estate broker (in North Carolina). I was, until   recently, a free lance writer.  

.In 2011 I wrote a science fiction story called "The Shadow of Olympus." which has since been endorsed by The Planetary Society. It describes (in detail) life in the mid-twenty-first century colony of Lowellsville, on Mars.  You may purchase it in person at:  The Bodacious Bookstore in Southtowne, Pensacola, FL: (850) 446-6966.  They still have a few copies of it left.

One of my readers, who has a masters degree in psychology, has compared it to the works of Michael Crichton!*  Another reader compared my style of writing with the  great Robert Heinlein.**    Almost 80% of its readers have loved it!  

I have just finished its first sequel, "The Pact of Olympus.," which is not yet on the market.  It  further introduces a multitalented, female android named Kariena to the reader. The colonists who find her soon realize that she is too life-like and intelligent to have been built by humans!

As for Mars itself, I know  that NASA's inept publicity people could bore the dead, but the planet still has surprises in store for them and us.  Recently (May, 2021) a scientist who was studying Mars orbiter photos of Cerberus Fossae found unmistakeable evidence of recent volcanic activity!  A huge fault line there has spewed out volatile gasses and black soot in a large "fan" across the Martian surface.  There is also plenty of evidence of continuing plate techtonics in Cerberus Fossae.  Mars is not a dead planet!

For some reason NASA wants us to forget that one of its robotic rovers found a small, four-sided pyramid near Mount Sharp last summer.  No more has been said about a large building found a couple of years ago in Mars' south polar region, either.

I want to warn other writers that the current publishing market for book manuscripts is very inhospitable.  Do not attempt to contact any publisher directly (unless you are invited to do so).  You must find an agent before your literary career can advance any farther.

I also want to inform writers that they will probably need to advertise their books themselves now.  Publishers have become very stingy with their advertising dollars.

 Dinosaurs are another passionate interest of mine (especially the carnivores). The one that I chose as my chess avatar was one of  the two most massive terrestrial ones known: the 9.35 ton monster from Argentina, Giganotosaurus carolinii. Its 6 feet long head included a huge pair of jaws that could engulf a zebra-size animal whole! A human would have been a brief appetizer for it (if we had existed during the Mesozoic). With serrated fangs that were 6 to 8 inches long, it   must have been terrifying to encounter!


* The author of "Jurassic Park" (1&2), "Sphere"  and other sci-fi thrillers; written during the 1980s and 1990s.

** Author of "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress," "The Menace From Earth" and "Stranger in a Strange Land"; written during the 1950s & early 60s.  Famous for his interesting, life-like characters.

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