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Hi guys! @Hikaru567

Thank  you for reading my Profile 


My teacher is @jeffreinberg.

I am 7 years old(i will be 8 on june 15th).

Here is my games vs @jeffreinberg.https://www.chess.com/games/archive?opponent=JeffReinberg

i like playing in tornaments because it helps me improve.

I have 42 friends. @jeffreinberg @Tartempix @InfiniteChoice @Evictics @erichansen @Anna_Rudolf @GMBenjaminFinegold @jackxu2006 @KIRUBARIBALAJI @soonkian123 and @ColdMiniSword @Leon_Likes_Chess @Zygarde99 @UAArtur @VivaanR @taylorczhang @Jenny_Harry_Potter @AlexanderGao and lot's more.

 IF you are wondering if I am good the answer is yes

I will tell you 10 facts that you may not even know about yourself...our head at me.

9. You realize the way this works.

10. You are reading the sentence xD

Thanks for reading, see ya! happy.png

Oh wait that was way t

1. You are a human.

2. You are reading this.

4. You did not notice I skipped number 3.

5. You just looked back to see if that is true.

6. You are now looking closely to make sure you don't miss any more.                                                        <secret message highlight 

7. You are smiling at yourself at how naive you are.

8. You are shaking yo short...

Alright so hello!



That's just a chess pawn click it!

Hope you saw all my friends because @Zygarde99's name is Andrew Do you know why?It's because were friends in real life!!!!!!!!!!

do not

My FICS(Canada Rating) is 1488.

And also I have a fun game.

Click on https://www.chess.com/blog/Hikaru567/the-number-game to get trophys!

Note that I  started 6 months ago.

And also please join The Super Fun Club Click on https://www.chess.com/club/the-super-fun-club to join.

Easy win

Easy win huh?



That's the snowplow

06c0597bae.pnghttps://cssjs.chesskidfiles.com/images/puzzle_duel/puzzle_duel@2x.png 2x" style="vertical-align:middle;" alt="puzzle_duel.png" />


Puzzle Duel

Solve puzzles faster than your opponent!

Nothing to see here.

Told youhappy.png grin.png