If you're reading this you're either curious to know more about me or you have nothing better to do. My guess is the latter.

Hello, my name is Artur! I'm a 16-year-old CHRISTian aspiring filmmaker and award-winning pianist.

I was born in Canada and lived there for 14 of my 16 years, but I now live in the God-blessed United States of America.

I love films and one day hope to be a cinematographer. To me, films are a way of conveying life as we see it. Films inspire dreams and spark old ones. To me, cinematography and scores are a way of translating struggle and beauty into one medium. Films are a gift from God, and if you would like to discuss them, please message me.

I am also a pianist with over ten years of experience. I have composed several pieces, one of which won an award at a music competition.

I love listening to classical music, 50s, 60s, and 70s rock, and film scores. Music is a big part of my life, and if you can't respect that... well....

"A person who does not regard music as a marvelous creation of God, must be a clodhopper indeed and does not deserve to be called a human being; he should be permitted to hear nothing but the braying of asses and the grunting of hogs." - Martin Luther

I also blog so check that out!

Thanks for reading!

- @HornetCruise

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