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Thanks for checking out my profile and giving me another view! I really appreciate it happy.png

Anyways, let me tell you a little about me!

My name is Jia Jia, and I am a huge animal lover.

I have wanted a dog for four (yes, four) years.

I am a Pisces ♓

On chess.com I help multiple clubs, some of which are linked down below.

I really LOVE art by Naomi Lord, who is a great artist who makes so many cute drawings (I have included some art by her in the slide show below, check it out!) that I love!

I L O V E reading! It's on of my FAVORITE things in life. I can read for hours and hours and hours without ever getting bored. Once I read 3, 300-400 page books in a day! Here are my most favorite book series:

Harry Potter - Thank you for making this magical world of Hogwarts, spells, and magic J.K Rowling!

Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus - Rick Riordan really is the author of the gods

Wings of Fire - I. Need. The. Next. Book!!!!!!

I really need the next book in Wings of Fire!!!

Also, if your clubs is super inactive and you need help reviving it, contact me!

Copy what I wrote below and put it in your profile if you care about animal cruelty!

Don't care about animal cruelty? Well, you should! Every sixty seconds one animal suffers abuse. Don't think "At least they don't die, right?" because they do. Every year in just the USA, over 10 million animals die from abuse. Wanna know something even worse? Animals are tortured and killed, and about 97% of them are farm animals. Speaking of torture, what about lab experiments? Well, every year, over 115 million animals are used in experiments around the world. Approximately 75,000 dogs are tortured in US labs every year. Also in the US are more than 10,000 puppy mills. Don't know what a puppy mill is? They are places where female dogs are pressured to make puppies, then the puppies stay in overcrowded places where the puppies are likely to get sick. Another animal that is special is elephants, who have ivory tusks so that makes them very valuable to poachers. Between 35,000-50,000 are poached every year. In the 21st century there are more elephants being poached than being born. What about animals in the ocean? Well, over 100 million sharks are killed every year illegally, mainly for shark fin soup. Now, one last thing. Cages. What happens when cages and animals mix? Well, if you add in the circus, you find out that circus animals spend 96% of their lives in cages. Imagine being stuck in a cage your entire life, letting people gawk at you. Copy this and put it in your profile if you want to spread the word about animal cruelty. 

- @Jia_Jia and the rest of you who care about this

To support #LoveAnimalsFurever, put it as your status or in your bio! 


Anyways, while you're here I have a small favor to ask you. Can you please join the clubs below?

Animal Chéfs - This club is mysterious. Find it in my clubs and join it to find out what it's about. P.S. I will update this.

Adorkable Animals - This is a fun club dedicated to animals! We have Adorkable Badges, an Adorkable Hall of Fame, and more! Please join as at the moment we only have 4 members. There will be more things coming, and if you join I can guarantee that you will have fun! So, click here to join!



Club Help Desk - This club is for helping people who own clubs make their clubs better! Is your club is inactive? Do you need ideas? Do you have questions about club? If any answer to the question above is yes, then click here!



The Food Empire - This is my first club, that is all about food! We have over 100 members! So, click here to join!



The Four Paws Agency - This is my friend @rkanury's club, and we have over 300 members! Yay! We have a ton of jobs and activities every day! Click here to join!



The Great Cat Queens - This is a purrfect club! We have over 100 members, and a lot of activities! We have daily cat quotes, A Meow Meow Café, cat stories, and more! Click here to join!



Chess Climbing III - This club is all about climbing up the chess ladder! We have all kinds of tips for playing chess, and titled players to help! Join now, and help your rating go up! Click here to join!


Anyways, if you are looking for a logo I can design one for you! I'm not a professional, but I like to think that with the help of canva.com I can create pretty good designs and logos! 

I also made this quote:

"Respect yourself, others, and animals."

Now, do you want to look at some cute pictures and drawings? I made a Google Slides filled with them! Just click the words below:

Cute Pics and Drawings - A Slide Presentation by @Jia_Jia

Have you finished looking at the pictures? Which one was your favorite? You can friend me and say so in my notes!

Speaking of friends, let me mention one of my BFFs in real life!

@Puppyio - Aimee isn't that active on chess.com, but she is such a great friend! I also have another friend, Gianna, but she doesn't have an account on here sad.png

And here are some of my good friends on chess.com (Not in order)!













Also, one disabled friend:

@FM_Checkmate - She was the first person that I ever really talked to on chess.com! Sadly, she is disabled now....

Thanks friends! happy.png

|                      Hey! Thanks              |
|        for checking out my profile!     |
|              I hope you liked it!             |
    ฅ/ᐠ. ̫ .ᐟ\ฅ  ||   ฅ૮ ᴖﻌᴖაฅ   || ฅʕ•̫͡•ʔฅ 

Ok, for having made it so far I'll give you a trophy. But wait! To prove you made it this far into my profile, send me a code. The code is: 21974. Thanks again for reading all of this.

Hello, I see you have found this secret message. So, one last thing. My REAL name. Jia Jia is a nickname. And NO ONE on this website knows my real name. So, don't bother trying to find it. Anyways, for finding this, I am using my AWESOME idea, the code that gets you trophies again. Send this code: #LoveAnimalsFurever21975 to me, and you can choose from on of the following prizes:

1) 10 trophies

2) Something else you want (on chess.com) and is reasonable. 

P.S. I am NOT giving away a membership to ANYONE.

P.P.S. Also, there is another secret thing hidden in my profile. LOL, now you want to look for that one. Well, have a good time!

P.P.S. Oh and, if you choose to look for the other secret thing, you won't get the reward for this one.

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