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Hi I'm Joe the evil chess player, I'm a very simple person who enjoys a game of chess with whoever is wiling to play. Two years ago I went to a free chess lesson with a bunch of other people. There is where chess really started to spark an interest in the game. Now he has learned much of what he knows from In 2007 I joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP for short). In this organization he has gone to encampment (a week of basic training, actually the one I went to was 10 days) and I'm qualified to preform search and rescue missions. One of the activities I spend the most time on is the computer. On his own he has learned HTML, the basics of Java Script, and more. I want to do something on the computer for a career but can't decide what he likes to do best. My other interests are video games (which aren't used as much as the computer), TV (used rarly), and fire:D just something about it makes me excited.
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