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 would like to share two messages to the society.

1. Learn to love. If you learn to love, you will learn to forgive. Anybody can break the relationship but only few can join the pieces that has been broken, by saying sorry and by forgiving. This reunites relationships that are lost.

Love overlooks all offences, means it does not pinpoints the mistake but Forgives....

And one more thing,...there is a difference between Love and lust, lust is just attraction just for in demand of things, expecting something from them not showing compassion whereas love means there are no demand, the only thing we care is that person cause where there is love ....there is care, protection, hope, faith......where a lust cannot provide......

2. Girls, please be very careful when you are in online. Don't trust people and share your personal things like photos (most importantly), other contacts.

People get closer to you through flirting, please don't give way to that and trust people. Online grooming is violent and I wish our be safe cause they are God's given gift to mankind...

It is our duty to take care of them....

Please watch this video and understand how the online grooming works...

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