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Hello!I am Volodya Kuts.I wrote surname under the photo not just like it: it's my surname on my mum's side.My best friends are @GregorFil,@maria1009,@Mat_vey,@AlinaLoganova2009,@Natasha312,@AboveTheMoon,@Aurora_Chess,@alex_kuts,@VKChamp2,@vovaking1,@Eleonora2012,@Irma2009,@MatveevAndrey,@Olyadream,@0aba,@CherevashkoVladislav,@Pawel-Moroz,@More_of_red,@vovachesss,@ProstoBoris.
My mum's login in chess.com is @Aurora_Chess.My brother have two logins in chess.com.They are @VKChamp2 and @alex_kuts.

I won Hikaru Nakamura.I am very strong in chess but somtimes when I play with 1800-1900 I am very lazy and it cause why I sometimes lose.I have been 2nd place on the Team Moscow championship for kids 11 years.1st place won Averin Nikolay.My record was 6,5/7.

I have got 2 grandmothers.They are Galina and Nina.

I have got 2 sisters.They are Viktoria and Elizabet.

I have got 2 brothers.They are Alexey and Denis.

I have got 2 uncles.They are Yurii and Denis.

I have got 3 aunts.They are Leila,Maria and Yulia.

I have a mother. She is Irina.

I have a father. He is Svyatoslav.

I have got to grandfathers. They are Valerii and Semen.

My favorite songs in Russian are:



I have my second login in Chess.com . It's @vovaking1

I do layout on Chess.com . I can help you with this if you want to layout on your profile or clubs. You can write messege to me, so I can help you with layout for your club or profile.

Жгите, не стесняйтесь!