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My website: https://a11urea.carrd.co/

Check out my song covers:

This World Is Sick (cover) (vocals only)

IC3PEAK cover for Kawaii (voice only) 

Палала (Cover)

Nobody Like You by Kazka (Cover) 


See also:

Что делать (Piano only)

I specialise in Literature, Creative Writing and Theatre and Drama. I'm currently a Warrant Officer in Singapore's National Civil Defence Cadet Corps and a specialist in USAR.

Russian name: Rahil Petreyevna Drozdova (Рахиль Петреевна Дроздова)

Chinese name: 张曦桐

English first name: Danielle 

Coven name: Lilith Strieber-Tarasova

Some people ask me why I have so many names--the reason is: I'm Russian, but I live in Singapore, and I'm also half-Chinese, so that means I have a Russian, Chinese and English name. My coven name is because I'm a pagan witch and it's also the one I use as a dominatrix.

My ethnicity is Sino-Russian, was born in Russia but I live in Singapore, but then my gf is from Australia which is why my flag is Australian UwU


If you're a writer, feel free to DM me! I'm always open to exchanging my works with fellow writers.

Working on 4 poetry series at the moment:

~ A bullet for a gun [deep, dark, morbid, depressing, suicidal etc]

~ Imsecure [insecurity]

~ Historical poetry [Egypt, Rome, Greece, Japan, India history and mythos]

~ Doused in love [for my lovers💛]

I'm polygamic and proudly bisexual. I do have a few lovers but I can always take a few more select ones🤷‍♀️

Please don't DM me with the chat function, and don't message me if you're a pervert.

I'm amazed you read this far.

I am honestly sorry if my profile scared you off OwO Except it's me and I ain't sorry for being me👁👄👁 

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