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I am a strong regional Midwest player rated 2125. I'm currently #8 in the state of Iowa. I finished in the top 25 at the 2016 Junior High School Championship in Indianapolis, entering the tournament seeded #77. I also qualified for the Iowa Closed Championship in 2017 for the first time, beating Valeriy Kosokin and getting a draw with NM Robert Keating on the way to a solid debut. I'm a competitive player who specializes in attacking and defending. I am a lock for many USAT teams because of my ability to win against lower rated opponents. I also find incredible ways to win. They call me Michael "The Magician," Takahashi. I also rate fair play and good sportsmanship as my top priorities. In addition, I value team leadership, accountability, and reliability. 

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2020 Iowa Denker High School Champion

Will represent Iowa at the 2020 National Denker Tournament of High School Champions 

USCF Expert

USCF Candidate Master Rated 2125

#25 K-8 Section 2016 Junior High National Championships

#2 Susan Polgar World Open 2012 Boys Grades 4-5

Qualified for Iowa Closed 2017

Scored 4.5 points in 2012 Iowa Elementary Team Championships (Led Lincoln Elementary to their first Iowa state title)

#48 ranked Age 17 USCF Top player lists

Led Northwest Junior High to two Top 8 finishes, 2015-16

2016 Iowa Class A co-champion

#9 ranked in the state of Iowa

8 wins and 17 draws with 2000+ rating lifetime

2015 Ice Harbor Scholastic K-12 open Co-champion 

2018 Iowa Denker Co-Champion (With NM Arshaq Saleem)

2018 Des Moines Fall Classic Open Champion

304 Career Standard Wins

403 Career USCF Wins

2017 Thanksgiving Open U2000 Co-runner up

 Qualified Iowa Closed 2018

#58 ranked top USA FIDE rankings U-16

FIDE Rated 2031

Qualified Iowa Closed 2019

2019 Iowa High School Co-champion

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