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Thanks for coming to my profile. I am a student, Chess fan and player . I love the bullet format of the game and I am on the site for some time now and known some great people around. 

I am busy  so I might be late answering your DMs. But feel free to DM me I will answer surely. 

I am an Indian 🇮🇳 but I nowadays don't play for Team India anymore (don't ask why). 

Super Admin/Admin of the following clubs

  1. Chess Club de India
  2. Team Bengal
  3. Marvel Avengers ICT
  4. The Great Minds
  5. Team Falcon
  6. Vishwanath Anand Chess Corner

I like this site very much and made many of my friends join it. I have met many weirdos in this site as well. 

If your club needs help you can make me admin I will help you. The Great Minds is a great club and we have a lot of fun activity. 

Do Also check out my blogs at https://www.chess.com/blog/nhifghisderty


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