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If Everything is possible... I find it hard to deal with nothing being possible. Nothing shouldn't be possible...but everything does include nothing so we have to accept that since everything is possible, nothing is possible. No matter now much it contradicts.

I am extremely grateful to all of you at for the support you offer me. If it weren't for the numerous amount of positive folks on this site I wouldn't have been able to create what I have made. I have a beautiful community of chess players. This community thrives today because of everyone below.

@spins5mE you are a piece of R2GM I couldn't replace you

@roadchessmaster12345 R2GM has been able to improve much more since you coincidentally ran into the club. I hope you come back so we can thrive even more than now.

@prince_USA you're a bit of an OG member of R2GM and a great admin to have in a tight spot. 

@kesarling_ut you have been an indispensable super admin of R2GM. A true super super admin. I don't know what I would do without you.

@andrewschley It was great working with you and being selected to have R2GM as club of the month!

@DiamondRain Playing with you has improved me! I like it that you always are pestering me to play with you. Thank you also for the work you do at R2GM!

@rohithbala Thanks for making me work hard day and night...also, congrats to me, I learned to spell your username.

@scobblelotcher even though you served R2GM for just a couple months you were a great member since the beginning. I'm sad to see you go, but finish up your studies then you can come back.

@kowarenai you don't know how happy I am to see you back! Thanks so much! Not sure if I spelled your name right, though sad.png

@creatureking_hn When scobble left you saved my life. If you hadn't turned up I would be a wreck today. Thank you so much for helping me when ABB left.

@binomine I cannot put into words how grateful I am to you. You are supporting R2GM and I think you are an awesome person for that. Your generosity is better than anyone I've ever known. Thank you for being you!

@itude You gave to R2GM freely as well and that helped me a lot!

@Shaun You are an R2GM legend now. That's a high status. Probably better than staff.

@ABlazingBishop Okay, I am changing this. Are you happy now? I don't even know what to say. I do miss you still, though.

@Ninjaswat You bruh...trying to make me better at chess? Well, I guess that's a goodish thing maybe. Don't ask me to grind rapid EVER again.

@jg777chess You sacrifice so much time and energy to help me create a legend. You're a legend. What you are doing for chess is better than best!

@Samyachakrabarti Thanks for the time you put in for R2GM in doing the hardest job in the club!

@andriid0708 Thanks for the time you put in for R2GM in doing the hardest job int he club! (I know, I wrote exactly the same thing for Samya. I promise I didn't copy, though lol)

@Samarthlohia I just love it when I get people like you wanting to just help. The motivations that people like you have are beyond me. Maybe I inspired you? I hope so. Maybe you want the fame. That's fine too...grin.png You're wonderful!

@Hilddea Yes, you are one who improved Road to GM. You forced us to become better. You may despise us but we love you. You're an awesome guy and I hope one day you can come back and join our little community.

Thank you to all of Road to GM's members and staff. Without you we would not have made the second Club of the Month title!

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