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This statement is false. Isn't that a great way to start talking about myself? No? Well good, because that sums up my chess skills. I’d like to always be referred to as brilliant and handsome in all conversations and if you fail to do so, you’re a bigot and should be canceled., if you're reading this, why no Top Blogger. Did I not meet the requirement of bribing you or being titled? Or is it because I failed to adopt zen? Speaking of zen, zen blackmailed me into posting this:

Hello, I am nimzo, the person who drew @zen516! How did you do that you may wonder... (he cheted, duh)

I just suck at chess because I'm noob (This is sadly true)

i was incompetent and drew @zen516 being up 2 queens then my time went kaput and I drew against him  (((((

I got #1 in blog champs week 2 qualifiers, so I should be a top blogger!!11! (b-b-but this is true!)

my discord is Ilostmydad#4200 (that was UNCALLED FOR)

and I will change my username to @fartpersonlol in 1 month. (This will never happen, zen will get that first)

Make sure to follow and friend and praise my friend @zen516 because he's a lot more pro than me and I love his playstyle  (sigh)

 Now that we're done with that torture, (don't show my reactions to zen) I'd like to give a shout-out to:

@alphaous - Just a cool guy (he totally didn't make the non-zen parts of this bio)

@frog - great sense of humor, I wish he chose this bio

@ant - see frog

@Fire - for being fire

@DanielRensch - for doing an excellent job with those wires 

@LazyDog24 - for being top g

@Rodgy - For being rodgy

@BananaPeelEater - For being immune to petty things like soda cans

@The_grand_finale - For being cooler than Banana

@nmlighGrin - for having GOAT username

@ScatteredWealth - for paying me to put him here with some of his scattered wealth

@Lightning - because he will probably take away my admin in his clubs if I don't shoutout, and for being my dad

@NMLightningTTV - For being cooler than Lightning

@Squid - His cousin was delicious, don't tell him

@hahalololrar - great name

@hughienews - for being a great club owner

@ChessPawn921 - same ig

@Bid - For making part of this bio

@you - for somehow reading this


"64% of statistics online are made up." - @alphaous

"Dah hecc" - @Lightning

"Who?" - @Trophies100

"Katey Watey was adopted bai a mere 2400" - @chaotikitat 

"I love my dad, he went to get the milk for me! I bet he is buying alot of milk right now, he hasn't come home in 5 years but I sure do hope I'll have a lifetime supply of milk when he gets back!" - @Bid

"Lightning please refrain from spamming in this club. We are trying to create a safe and friendly environment. If you do this again it will result in a mute. I hope you understand and have a great day  " -@LiterallyEveryone, but started by @ninjaswat

"just remember that @zen516 is the coolest person ever go follow him uwu" - @zen516

“blame my tilts on excessive inflation” - @ChessJWarrior

”ooga booga, I first place when I sweat in chess, imagine being beat by a mere 875 rapid" - @frog

More quotes shall be added as I hear more words of wisdom from the people.

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