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Hi I am Rishit Srivastava from Bihar and UP i am in 5th grade 10 years old 

My goal: to be best chess player 

want riddles :


10 things abut me:

1.My name is Rishit

2.I am in class 5th

3.I own a club

4.I like chess so much

5.I have my blogs 

6. I have 50+ blogs till now

7.I like snakes

8.I like art

9.I like aniamls

10.Last but ot the least I am Indian

Now i know 10 things about u

1.You r human

2.U live in Earth

3.U know atleast a language

4.You r breathing

5.You r not sleeping

6.You r seeing my profile

7.You did not give me 100 trophies!

8.You are more than 1 years old

9.You are less than 100 years old

10.You r not owner of my club haha!

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