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Hello guys, My username is @shanlee132, but you can call me Shan. The following is some fun facts about me: 

I am 9 years old. I like to play chess and piano. My rating 914 in USCF (United States Chess Federation). I had not played in tournaments in a long time so that's why my rating had not improved much. Who knows ?? Maybe you will meet me in a tournament and maybe beat me. It would be so embarrassing if you win. I don't play FIDE tournaments. I think I am too young to participate in FIDE tournaments. I also heard that in FIDE tournaments you MUST write notations or you would lose your game. I actually hate writing notations for some reason. My coach is currently @fpawn, a national master, learn more about him on his profile. 

Also, I play the piano often, sorry, by "Often" I mean every single day for at least 1-2 hours. That's how much I have to practice. But as you already know, hard work comes with a reward. Do you know what I am talking about ??? Well, most likely not. Check out my Youtube channel:

There you can find all kinds of educational things from chess to Chinese. Learn everything you want. You can also find videos of me playing the piano. Surely, playing 1-2 hours of piano everyday must have played off happy.png  

       I hate doing bullets. In fact, I quit bullet games already. So, if you have a club tournament that has bullet-time control, there is a 99% chance that I will not join that club tournament. Who likes bullet anyway?? I love doing 10 min time control but since now 10 min is rapid, I play 5 min to improve my blitz. Check out my blog article that I posted about that: I also play 15 min games too. But not that often, I usually play 10 min to help my rapid rating. 

Please check out my blog, here is the link:

REMINDER: I don't update my profile info every day so it might get outdated. My blog's highest commented article is The First Day of school. My highest viewed blog is also The First Day of School. "Join @shanlee132's Club" has 90+ views.  But "The First Day of School" has well over 136+ views. In Fact: "The First Day of School" is the first article in my blog to reach 100+ views. Here is some proof:
  Most of my blogs have 20+ views and at least 3 comments, so I guess people want to read my blog. Do you want to try it ?? 

I also wanted to thank every single person who had viewed my profile, it has 2,146 + views which will always change of course! 2,146 VIEWS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT ??? THANKS, A LOT !! 

I just did the chess personality website test because lots of people did it. After a few minutes here is my result:

I want to be a doctor when I grow up. I also want to be a part-time grandmaster. Maybe, I will participate in large tournaments if I have time.  

My highest blitz rating is 995 (achieved on the 7th of August). My current rating is 946. My best win is against a 1800+ rated player. Here's the game review:

  My highest rapid rating is 998, (achieved on the 7th of November). My current rating is 994. My best win is against is a 1987 rated player named Javier: 

Here's the game review:

  Please join these clubs: = @FMboat37's club. @FMboat37 is really kind to me and is one of my favorite friends. Please join the club. = My club. This is my club and it has some of the kindest people. Including @FMboat37 himself. I will promote you if you are active or if you are a major help to the club so please join and enjoy your time. = @mccumiskey's club. This is the club you would want to join if you want to improve in chess. @mccumiskey plans to make tournaments that are USCF rated. So if you want to get your rating up join the club. It also has weekly tournaments that I guarantee you will improve your rating. = @fpawn (my coach)'s club. There will be lots of chess tournaments where you can play chess, Sacramento Chess Club (@mccumiskey's chess club) and Sacramento pawns are mostly the same.  


Updates of the Month:

 noticed that I am really good at "King of the Hill". Today (November 15, 2020), I played in a 3-minute time control "King of the Hill" tournament. I played for a long time, but soon I had to leave so I withdraw from that tournament. I was 3rd place at the time. My King of the hill rating is currently 1036, it is the highest variant rating I got, and it is currently the second-highest rating I got. (My highest is my puzzle rating, at 1194).  I will be taking my ABRSM exam with my mom in one week or so. Wish me good luck. I will update this section in December, where I will have my Christmas Recital. 

Thanks for reading, if you read all of this, tell me in the notes below, I will give you 10 trohpies. Bye !! 

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