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Hey,, this is Shaoni! My life summarized in a few words : I love reading. I like chess. I like all kinds of sports, especially basketball and swimming. I love astronomy. I love photography. I love reading. I love trekking. I absolutely love music. Oh, and I love reading.

I could keep going on forever, but I suppose no one deserves something that horrible. Plus it wouldn't be a summary then wink.png

Image result for annabeth chase sass

Image result for annabeth chase sass

Played in NSPCL S5 for "Abolishing and Annihilating Anti-RARers". Thanks @baronizback, @GoodKnight0BadBishop, @RookSacrifice_old and @goldendegree for the fun times! (We were 8th I think)

Played in NSPCL S6 as captain for 'Dominating the Dominators' (RAR team). Thanks @Grandmaster2B, @ace_mar, @TejenderM, @Rasuljka, @DMGame and @SeniorPatzer for playing for us! We ended up 8th, getting dominated by the chess dominators (xD)

Played in NSPCL S7 as captain for "RAR". Thank you so much @ace_mar, @xMagnusCarlsen, @Yodanivada , @SorryNotToday and @GoldenDegree! It was great playing with you guys. Ended up 8th again.


Rock n' ROL phpKPkq27.png


Managing "This Match Has Been Cancelled" (Yes, I was the genius who came up with this name) and playing for 'Assassins' in NSPCL S8. To be continued!

Please don't send me friend requests unless I know you in real life or well online. I would really appreciate it, thanks.

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