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IM Spas_Kozhuharov

Spas Kozhuharov

Plovdiv, Болгария
Дата регистрации
28 июн. 2014 г.
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1 день назад
39 470
Пользователь, оказывающий поддержку с 3 июл. 2014 г.

 International Master
 Peak FIDE Rating: 2467
 Professional Chess Coach for7 years
 Trainer of World School Chess Champion for Girls U13,and Champion of the EU for girls 2014, WFM Viktoria Radeva currently 14 y.o.


I am
 IM Spas Kozhuharov, professional chess coach at ChessClassroom.com. I have been an active player for many years, winner of Bulgarian individual championship for rapid in 2007 and many national tournaments, and Bulgarian champion for men with the team of “Lokomotiv – 2000” Plovdiv. 

During my 9 years of coaching experience, I have developed an innovative coaching method which has contributed to the high achievements of my students. Earlier this year, my student WCM Viktoria Radeva became the world school chess champion for girls U13. She took the gold medal during the world school chess championships held in Greece after we prepared for her games before each round. Viktoria has been my student for 2 years and one of her earlier achievements is winning the silver medal for girls U10 at the world youth chess championship in Caldas Novas, Brazil in 2011. 

Feel free to try my coaching style by ordering my discounted 30-Minute Trial Lesson. You can order it at $15. You can contact me either here on Chess.com or via email at im.spas.kozhuharov@gmail.com

 IM Spas Kozhuharov


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