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Hello... I play chess a lot and my highest USCF rating is 1580. MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! happy.png

I am open to friend requests and daily chess challenges right now. I'm an SA in the club Energetic Chess, which is a very active club.

Don't worry, clicking this button won't make you join immediatelywink.png


Here is my blog if you want educational or cool chess:



By the way, these are my results on chesspersonality.com:

Masterminds seek to master both their own emotions and to impose their reality on the chessboard. A Mastermind always seeks the right move, and believes that attacking is the right way. Typically choosing sharp openings, Masterminds win with fantastically deep calculations, producing combinations which are deeply hidden in correctly built-up positions. Masterminds thrive in complicated positions, where their accurate calculating ability and iron nerves give them the advantage.

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