Expert’s Tournament 2022 Edition

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This Tournament will start at the beginning of 2022.


1. This Tournament is for Experts only. People with daily ratings of more than 2400 will be kicked out when the tournament starts. 🥾
If you are more than 2400 by 2022: You should instead join my Masters tournament called Master’s Tournament 2022 Edition. 
2. If you find someone being toxic then report them to me and I will investigate the incident. If the player is found to have been toxic then they will be reported and removed from the tournament.     
3. Have fun and learn from the tournament! Bring home that trophy! 

If you are rated below 1500 please consider joining the Intermediate’s Tournament 2020 Edition. It is for players rated 1000-1600. The link to join it is below.

Masters Tournament 2022 Edition

Mark12291229 | 28 апр. 2021 г., 15:50

      If any of you higher rated players in the tournament are interested in joining a tournament at the next level then you should join my Masters Tournament 2022 Edition, a tournament for people with ratings of 2200+. The link to it is at the bottom of the description.

Intermediate’s Tournament 2022 Edition

Mark12291229 | 20 апр. 2021 г., 14:08

This message is for you lower rated guys here. For people here rated lower than 1600 you can also play in the Intermediate’s Tournament 2022 Edition. It is for players rated 1000-1600. It is two days time control and two players advance per round. The Intermediate’s Tournament will start at the same time as the Expert’s Tournament. If you are rated at 1600 or below please consider joining this tournament.