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  • Play

  • Online Chess's Online Chess lets you play turn-based correspondence-style chess with your friends at any time, and at your own speed - make your move and then get an alert when it is your turn to move!

    • Play in your browser - nothing to download!
    • Unlimited # of simultaneous games!
    • It's FREE and easy!

    Play Chess Online

  • Live Chess

    Play live chess online any time from anywhere in any browser! Nothing to download. Just login, find a game, and go! We store your games, preferences, and ratings. Play 1 minute lightning games on up to 2 hours each - up to you!

    • Chat and play with people around the world
    • Play in your browser - nothing to download
    • It's FREE and easy!

    Play Live Chess

  • Online Tournaments

    You don't know how good (or bad!) you are until you have stacked up against other players. Choose to compete in Official site-wide tournaments or smaller round-robin tournaments.

    • Play against friends and see how you stack up
    • Create your own tournament
    • It's FREE and easy!

    Play Online Tournaments

  • Chess on the iPhone

    Take your chess game anywhere with for the iPhone! Download this FREE app today from the iTunes store and you can play and learn on the go!

    • Play your Online Games
    • Play vs. Computer
    • Do Tactics Trainer
    • Watch Videos
    • It's FREE to download!

    Play Chess on iPhone

  • Mobile Chess

    Play your turn-based games on almost any mobile phone - it's FREE, easy, & works on most phones! We have mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Palm, Nokia, Blackberry - almost any phone!

    • Play chess anywhere!
    • Works on most mobile phones!
    • Never miss a chance to make your move!

    Download Mobile Chess

  • Play Chess on Facebook

    There are few things more satisfying than beating your Facebook friends at a game of chess! Add our top-rated app today and start putting your friends to shame!

    • Simple, easy interface
    • Invite your friends to a quick game
    • It's FREE!

    Play Chess on Facebook

  • Chess960

    Love chess but hate memorized openings? Play Chess960 (also known as Fischer Random)! The rules are the same, but the starting position of the pieces is one of 960 randomly generated possiblities.

    • Enjoy chess without memorizing openings!
    • Never lose to opening traps again!
    • Play single games or 960 tournaments!

    Play Chess960

  • Vote Chess

    Work with your team to come up with the best moves. Vote for the move you like best as you play chess against other teams or even Grandmasters!

    • Vote on the moves you like best
    • Discuss the best moves with other players
    • It's FREE and easy!

    Play Vote Chess

  • Play Against the Computer

    If you want a quick game against a heartless opponent, then play against the computer! Set him to easy, medium, or hard, and prepare to pay for your mistakes!

    • Easy and quick play against a computer opponent
    • See how the computer thinks about moves
    • It's FREE and easy!

    Play Chess Against the Computer

  • Learn

  • Chess Video Lessons

    One of the most powerful learning methods is watching and listening to top Grandmasters and players explain their thoughts while at the chessboard.'s Video Lessons are in-depth chess lectures that cover all topics from openings to endings with awesome analysis and insight.

    • Improve your game with online video lessons!
    • Listen to GMs and top players as they think and play
    • New lessons released almost daily

    Watch Chess Videos Online

  • Chess Mentor

    Chess Mentor is the most effective interactive chess training system ever created! You receive custom feedback on every possible move so you not only know the right answer, but why other moves were wrong. Chess Mentor lessons are written by chess professionals and teachers such as GM Nigel Davies, IM Jeremy Silman, and many others.

    • Boost your rating and tournament performance
    • Improve your tactics and strategies
    • Learn how Grandmasters think about each move

    Learn with Chess Mentor

  • Openings & Game Explorer

    Search through millions of games played by top players and see the most popular openings and moves. Then study the games to see the themes and ideas played by Grandmasters in similar games!

    You can also explore the games that YOU and others play on to see your strengths and weaknesses in how you play in the opening.

    • Explore how effective each opening can be
    • Study in your browser - nothing to download!
    • View your own games!

    Explore Games & Openings!

  • Tactics Trainer

    Getting better at tactics is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your game. The tactics server will help you learn how to recognize the critcal positions that come from pins, forks, overworked pieces, and all other tactical themes.

    • Thousands and thousands of tactical problems
    • Track your progress with detailed stats and graphs
    • See how you compare to other tacticians

    Study Tactics Now

  • Computer Workout

    All good chess players know how to recognize key patterns and positions that occur in their games. The Computer Workout tool helps you improve your knowledge of key positions by setting you up to play these key positions against the computer!

    • Master hundreds of key chess positions
    • Get help from the computer with hints

    Start a Computer Workout

  • Computer Analysis of Your Games

    Do you wonder why you lost a game? What were your critical mistakes? What winning moves did you miss? Our super-computers will analyze your game and give you a fully-annotated game that shows you the mistakes made by both players and explain it to you in plain English!

    • Have Grandmaster-level computers analyze your games
    • See full notation on mistakes and blunders
    • Find missed opportunities and improve your game

    Analyze Your Games

  • Chess Articles

    Get access to unlimited articles on everything from Strategy to Tactics to Famous Chess Players. Articles contain interactive chess diagrams and games to help you improve you game!

    • Huge library of FREE articles!
    • Find coverage of nearly any chess topic

    Read Free Chess Articles

  • Endless Chess Quiz

    Think you know a lot about chess? But how much do you know about the game - the history, the players, the rules, and more!? Take our quiz and compare your scores!

    • Huge database of chess trivia
    • Learn new chess history and information
    • Compare your scores

    Try the Endless Chess Quiz

  • Chessopedia

    Chessopedia is's free online chess encyclopedia that covers all possible chess terminology, names, and important events. It is an open wiki, so feel free to add to the Chessopedia!

    • The most comprehensive chess-only wiki
    • Learn about anything chess

    Search the Chessopedia

  • Chess Books & Equipment Database

    Prepare yourself for battle over the chessboard by getting the best chess books and equipment! has a massive database of books and equipment complete with user reviews and places to buy!

    • Massive database of chess books and equipment
    • Tons of user reviews

    Find Chess Books and Equipment

  • Chess Coach Directory

    Looking for a chess coach? Find one in the Coach Directory! This huge database has hundreds of chess coaches listed that you can find by rate, location, and more!

    • Find a chess coach in your local area
    • Search coaches and read reviews of them

    Find a Chess Coach

  • Share

  • Member Pages

    You can check out other members' customized profiles and homepages and learn about them. Members can use custom themes and share about their interests in chess, etc.

    • Meet other chess players through their profiles!
    • CREATE your own homepage style!
    • Keep in touch with fellow chess friends!

    View Members

  • Blogs

    If you've got something to say about chess, BLOG it on! You can customize your blog and add other widgets as well. The best place to have your own chess blog!

    • Get your keyboard and start BLOGGING!
    • Search other chess blogs for helpful information.
    • Comment on blogs written by other members.

    View Chess Blogs

  • Forums

    The forums are an incredible resource for advancing your chess skills or just hanging out and talking about interesting stuff!

    • Discuss topics with members from around the world!
    • Enhance your playing skills!
    • Get a chance to help others improve!

    View Chess Forums

  • Chess News provides relevant news articles about current chess events, big games, politics, and the happenings on to to keep you informed!

    • Read chess news from around the world!
    • Add your OWN news from your local events!
    • Discuss current chess events!

    Read Chess News

  • Groups

    Create your own mini site for people who share your interests! Get your own forums, news, and more. Network with other members of

    • The theme of the group could be almost ANYTHING!
    • Custom themes and private forums!
    • Meet interesting people that share similar interests from around the world!

    Join a Group

  • Friends is an online community where you can keep in touch with old friends and make new ones! Add fun opponents to your list and enjoy!

    • Keep track of people you meet and follow their posts!
    • Add privacy so only friends can read your posts.
    • Easily invite your friends to join!

    Make New Friends

  • Photos

    See images of chess from around the world in the Photo Galleries! Upload photos of chess, friends, family, where you live - share your life with others!

    • It's EASY to upload your photos!
    • Get comments on what you share!
    • Check out everyone's photos in the gallery!

    View Photos

  • Banners & Widgets

    Earn 30 days of free Premium Membership for each person you refer and becomes a Premium Member! Put the widgets, badges, or banners below on your homepage, blog, or profile page to let others know about! Copy the code below onto your page - it will automatically be updated with your info and you will get credited with the referral!

    • Get widgets that update with your rating!
    • Find banners of all different shapes!
    • Earn free membership credit!

    Get Widgets & Banners

  • Browser Toolbar

    Have you ever wanted to have move alerts and navigation right in your browser? Now you can! Download the official Browser Toolbar today!

    • It's FREE & EASY to download!
    • Works with every browser!
    • Get notified when it is your move!

    Download the Toolbar

  • Fun

  • TV - Live Broadcasts

    Join the show! does live broadcasts of ongoing chess events, variety shows, game analysis, interviews, and more! Come chat and watch the show!

    • Enjoy daily shows including interviews and news
    • Chat and ask questions while you watch
    • Nothing to download - works in your browser Tv - Live Broadcast

  • Surveys

    Participate in surveys on to see what others think and share your opinions on a variety of interesting topics from chess to... who knows!

    • Just a simple click to vote!
    • Voice your opinion!
    • Search the surveys for interesting info!

    Take Surveys

  • Downloads

    An amazing resource for a variety of downloads related to chess including free programs, fun utilities, games collections, and more!

    • Search the downloads to find exactly what you want!
    • Share your favorite free chess program, demo, etc!
    • Simple and easy to use!

    Download Chess Programs

  • Chess Videos

    Have a favorite chess video from YouTube? Share it with the community and get others' opinions on it! Everything from funny shows to game analysis.

    • Upload your video easily from YouTube!
    • Comment on other videos!
    • Play the videos right in your browser!

    Watch Chess Videos

  • Chess Tournaments & Events

    Looking for a chess tournament in your area? Search our database for important and entertaining chess events right near you!

    • See a full calendar of upcoming events!
    • Search for events by location!
    • Know of an event? Add it to the calendar!

    Find Chess Events

  • Local Chess Clubs

    Want to get off of the computer and find a local place to play chess face to face? Find a local club in our huge database of clubs and organizations!

    • Search both ONLINE and LOCAL clubs!
    • Huge database that includes contact information!
    • Add your own club or chess organization!

    Find a Local Chess Club

  • My Account

  • Profile

    At you have your own unique profile. Your information can be kept confidential or made public. People can find you and challenge you to a game or be your friend.

    • Your profile is what others see about you!
    • Browse other member profiles to learn about them!
    • Get quick info on any player!

    Edit My Profile

  • Account

    Manage your account including your profile, password, privacy, alerts, settings, and payment history. You have total control over how you experience!

    • Full control over your experience!
    • Easy-to-use tools let you access key settings!

    View Account Dashboard

  • Privacy

    You can control the level of privacy on all the content you publish on, as well as who can contact you and see your information!

    • Easily manage your privacy settings!
    • Decide who can send you Messages or view your Notes, Blogs, Photos, etc.

    Manage Privacy

  • Alerts

    Customize how and when you receive alerts. By default, alerts are delivered to you on the "Alert Panel" on the website and via email.

    • It's EASY to modify your email settings!
    • Customize your settings on Messages, Groups, Blogs, Tracking, Comments, Online Chess, and Trophies!

    Manage Alerts

  • Themes

    Be unique! Customize the entire website to whatever colors, styles, and graphics you want. Other members will see your theme on your homepage!

    • Browse others' themes to find one that is for you!
    • Don't see a theme you like? CREATE your own!

    Create My Theme

  • Messages has a built-in messaging system which allows you to easily socialize with other members.

    • Message anybody on!
    • Simple and easy to use!
    • Be nice! Send the kind of messages that you would want to receive.

    Check Your Messages

  • Notes

    Want to give a quick 'hello' or 'whats up?' to another member? Drop them a note on their homepage! It's just an easy way of sending a message.

    • It's quick and easy!
    • Keep track of all the notes left for you!
    • A great way to just say 'hello' to someone new!

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  • Chess Settings & Preferences

    You can control your entire playing experience here including changing the size and color of the board, picking different pieces, and other move and play settings.

    • Change your board and pieces!
    • Decide how you want to manage your games!
    • All settings are completely CUSTOMIZABLE!

    Change Your Chess Preferences

  • Premium Memberships

    Upgrade your free basic membership to Gold, Platinum, or Diamond Account to get awesome features and an improved experience!

    • Each level opens up more features!
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  • Site Guide

  • What is is the #1 online chess website! It is a place where you can PLAY chess with friends and new people around the world. You can also LEARN more about chess strategies, tactics, history, and everything else about the game! Finally, it is a place to SHARE, where you can make friends, comment on everything, and interact with other chess players who love the game like you do!

    • PLAY chess!
    • LEARN chess!
    • SHARE it all!
  • Navigating the Site

    It's easy to get around on! All you need to know is how to click your mouse and explore menus and you can find anything you need!

  • Getting Help

    If you ever get confused on, help is easily available from our Help Center. There are TONS of FAQs, and if you can't find your answer then you can contact us and somebody will respond within a few hours!

    • Quick access to Member Support!
    • FAQs, email support, or Live Chat!

    Get Help

    Are you STILL confused about Click here for help!