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29. 3. 2019
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RIP @DJM473 he was a true homie

What's up! I am a huge Kobe Bryant fan (I know MJ is better). umm let's see

Joined NSPCL on April 17, 2019, and played s7 and s8 


Season 8 team!

Placed 7th!

Board 1: @Schachmasteo

Board 2: @JosTim

Board 3: @NYknight631

Board 4: @Fabstinkx

Board 5: @K-O-24-B-E

Sub: @GoPikachu

I don't have many chess achievements (cause I play basketball) but I did get a 12th place trophy once. (I tried to erase the 2 with a marker so it would look like a 1st place trophy, but it didn't work out)

snake u had one job https://www.chess.com/analysis/game/live/3913135941

My adoption list (needs updating) 

  1. @JayHunterBrickwood
  3. @jegm1
  4. @Jesus_is_c0ming 
  5. @ShadowWatcher101
  6. @SH34AQ
  7. @Justine43
  8. @Nubbycheeseking